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Clients' Testimonies
....Our Clients' Testimonies
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We would like to share some of the appreciations we have received from our Clients....

Our hands-on approach to service delivery forms the basis of a long-term relationship with our clients based on our mission and vision. Our services create the kind of results that our clients want, as you will see in the client testimonies below.

Some of our clients were little known while others were well-known. Most of our clients are still in the process of becoming leaders in their niche. Well-known clients often come to us because of our internationally acclaimed methodology, which is as powerful as it is unique. Other clients come to us simply because they want to grow more quickly, and want a mentor whose vision and values are aligned with their own.

Below are some of the Stories of the specific results clients have received from our work:

Upland Rice Millers Co. Ltd
December 6, 2008.
The Executive Director
Enterprise Uganda,

Plot No. 38, Lumumba Avenue


Dear Sir,

Appreciation of the Quality Management Training

This is in response to your recent training program on 1st-5th December 2008, at Hotel Africana, where we were participants.

My staff and I were all very highly impressed by the rich and exciting course contents as well as the lively and mind capturing trainers. They first of all made good students of us during the classes. Secondly, they were able to impart into us the habit and confidence required by rusty learners who needed to renew and rejuvenate the habit of aggressive continuous learning.

We therefore wish to sincerely thank you and your organization for the wonderful contribution you have made to our organization. We also recognize your contribution to other Ugandans in business development and the essential activity of wealth creation.

To this end, we want to say that you may count us as witness of your good works and know that we will continuously be your goodwill envoys. We further take this opportunity to wish you the very best in your very noble endeavors.

Yours truly,
Amb. Philip Idro
Managing Director


From: Tim Nzioka [mailto:tnzioka@usadf.gov]
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 08:04
To: ocici@enterprise.co.ug

Subject: RE: Numa Feeds

Dear Charles,

Thanks for the kind words and appreciation of what we are tried to do in support of the enterprise sector in this Country. For the short period we have worked with Robert, We have found him reliable, transparent and an entrepreneur willing to learn. We appreciate the support Enterprise Uganda has given this client especially in the areas of capacity building and look forward to further collaborating with you in continued support of this sector of our economy.

Once again thank you.



US African Development Foundation
Mr. Timothy Nzioka
Uganda Country Representative
US African Development Foundation

4th Floor Bakwanye House, Wampewo Avenue Kololo P O Box 11802 Kampala, Uganda Tel. +256 414541837 /312260247/312260248 Fax. +246 414541836 web.


(3) Cafe Pap (a trade name of Heritage Coffee Company)

Dear Enterprise Uganda
I take the opportunity to say thank you for nominating me to be part of the training in “Strategic Business Management Programme. I was overwhelmed by your good gesture and the confidence you have in me.

Warm regards to Enterprise Uganda team.

Jolly Ngabirano (Mrs)
Managing Director
Cafe Pap (a trade name of Heritage Coffee Company)
Amadinda House
13 Parliament Avenue

P.O. Box 26320

Kampala Uganda

Tel +256 414 254647/254570

Internet: www.cafepap.com


Sent: 02 October 2008 16:20
To: Kihuguru, Annette A
Subject: Enterprise Uganda training

Hi Annette,

As discussed, this is a summary of my experience at the EUg workshop dubbed "Helping Clients to become bankable".

Our greatest challenge prior to this training was having an appreciation of the value of this training for our customers and as a result, being able to sell it better on the value considering that we were not getting the right numbers of clients interested in the bank-funded programmes that are run by EUg. Many of us even thought we were going to waste a weekend away from our families or our other interests. We were pleasantly surprised.

In brief, the greatest benefit for us (but especially me as a person) was in the following areas.

* Better understanding of our SME market especially our ability to understand causes of business failure, behaviours of SMEs and various risk areas that would help us make better appraisals.
* Various options of capital that go beyond just looking to lend/borrow and how this helps us to create better customers.
* Key Success Factors for entrepreneurs and how businesses can use these to guide decision-making
* Last but not least, it gave us very very good tips on how to be successful business people outside the bank if and when we choose to move on at whatever point in life. This was particularly very rewarding.

I would personally recommend that our colleagues take up this opportunity especially considering that it comes at no cost whatsoever (aside of one's time).


Paul Nuwagaba, Account Executive,
Personal and Business Banking, Kampala Business Centre,
Crested Towers, 17, Hannington Road, Kampala

(5) Bugema University

TO: Executive Director

Dear Sir,


I hope this finds you well. Receive greetings from Bugema University in the name of Jesus Christ.

On behalf of Bugema University faculty, staff, the prospecting graduates, continuing students and the community at large, I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU for all your effort to share the entrepreneurship message with our youth in order to broaden their career and employment options.

We are anxious to take it to the next step which will lead to finalization of a training workshop for Bugema University final year students.

Kindly extend our sincere thanks to all who worked tirelessly in this same regard. May our Almighty God bless you abundantly.

This is also to acknowledge receipt of "Empowering Graduates to Create Jobs Program registration Form.

We will promote it more among the graduating students mainly and we will be updating you on our progress.

Yours truly,
Moses M. Kibirango
Dean, School of Business


P.O. BOX 45, KABWOHE, Tel: 0782 888 464/ 0752 639 191
E-mail numafeeds@yahoo.com; numa@gmail.com
1st July 2008
Mr. Charles Ocici

The Executive Director
Enterprise Uganda

Dear Sir,


Today 1st July, 2008 has been a turning point for Numa Feeds, after signing a grant agreement approved by the president of African Development Foundation for the award of US$ 100.000 towards capacity Building.

It is now six years since I made my first knock on your office, I did not know that from that day you were planning for me by preparing us to reach to this point.

It has been a great experience right from when I joined Enterprise Uganda family, everybody so willing to help, am really touched to the core of my heart.

I therefore want to take this opportunity on behalf of Numa to thank you Mr. Ocici in your own capacity and at the same time as Executive Director of Enterprise Uganda, May God Bless you,

I also request you to convey my sincere gratitude to the entire staff of Enterprise Uganda for the good job well done.

Our strategies have been more practical than theories as you know that winning needs the right people, the true believers. It is my humble request that you stay near us because I have realized that this is the beginning of the beginning.

Once more I thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Matsiko

Managing Director

“Enabling greatness to people, value human and animal nutrition”


"We used to work without clearly defined objectives and financial budgeting in writing, staff responsibilities were not well defined, remuneration of directors was not well defined and paid at regular intervals, management was not linked to audit reports which were mainly for tax purposes. Efforts have been made to link management decisions to audit reports, staff responsibilities written and given to staff, budgets prepared and discussed with auditors."

"The most important discovery was self-discovery that I could do more than I had thought. The syndrome of thinking in box was discarded, I try to look beyond the assumed and aim high. I also have appreciated that it is important to use bank money to interest."

Muwuluke Zikusooka Jimmy

Technical Director, ECLIPSE/EDILSOIL JVC CO. LTD, Kampala.

Bethany Clinic

"We had one branch with limited sources of income and clients. We have had a paradigm shift from offering services to doing competitive business, more visionary and improved business ambience and customer communication. The training opened our eyes to new opportunities, diversifying sources of income and trapping clients of middle class by opening a new dental branch easily accessible from the city centre. We are now accessing bank loans for improving our technology and acquisition of dental materials. we have networked with other medical practitioners to access markets through insurance companies. Before i used to handle issues as they arose, now I plan for each year and make budgets."

Dr. Deo Mawano Malobo, Dental Surgeon, Bethany Clinic- Kampala


"Our Business was low and orders were not flowing continuously. Enterprise Uganda helped us in isolating the particular competencies to utilize in business in our case: Setting goals and planning; Persistence; Networking. These particular three have been developed since training. The company is now well known and we have also gained approval from former competitors, who actually place orders with us at negotiated rates."

Batte David, Director - CONCRETE K. LTD.


"Our Financial management reporting was weak, regional marketing non-existent and product branding non-existent. We have strengthened our Financial management, penetrated regional markets with the introduction of FICA seeds in the Kenyan and Tanzanian markets. We have also created relationships with seed traders in the region and product branding developed."

Emmanuel Mubangizi
General Manager, FARM INPUTS CARE CENTRE LTD.- Kampala

Scorpion Traders Ltd.

“The ETW gave me confidence to walk into a bank and ask for a loan, something I had dreaded and thought myself incapable of doing. I was able to get an unsecured loan because of my presentation, which is something I learnt from the Entrepreneurship Workshop. My business has now been boosted and is doing very well. I had actually contemplated closing it before the training. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope that many more women can benefit from it".

Harriet Tugume , Managing Director, Scorpion Traders Ltd.

Bunyonyi Safaris Ltd

“Since I attended the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop, I have never looked back! Before the training I was extremely stressed and even had no time for my family and myself. I was always busy fire fighting and this gave me no time to contemplate the future of my company. I learnt many things at the workshop and what I value most is the ability to create and maintain systems. Systems have freed me and as a result I am getting the best out of my employees, my profits are going up, the work place is a happy one and I now have time for my children and myself. I have recommended the course to many of my friends who have noted my positive change. I hope they too can have the same opportunity that I had.”

"The training has improved my confidence as a Manager. I take more calculated risks, market more and the number of my corporate clients have increased".

Charlotte Kamugisha, Executive Director, Bunyonyi Safaris Ltd., Kabale

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